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Before leaving High School…

May 11, 2018

Before leaving High School there are a few things you must do. I bet they’re not what you think!

Attend a school event you normally wouldn’t to support your friends! You may find that you thoroughly enjoy the event but your friend will love you that much more for being there. 

Tell all the teachers who were important to you or made an impact on you, just how much they did. Who doesn’t love to be told when they make a difference? Believe it or not, this small act of kindness means even more to those people who have watched you grow. They will miss you when you are gone and these words will mean a lot!

Take a video of the simple things during the school day. Talking at your locker, walking to class, common conversation at lunch. It sounds pointless, I know. But later when you miss your plain, boring High School life. You will love that you did. 

Make an audio recording of your friends. You know that “memo” app that nobody uses? Now is the time! When you are all hanging out and just being yourself, turn it on. You will thank me later when you miss them and can just rewind back to that day and hear their voices. 

Make a playlist of songs that you played the most and the ones you sang to with your friends. This will be a great home sick remedy and way to destress during study sessions!

Think about what you want to be remembered for writing in yearbooks. Don’t be that person that just signs their name or “Have a good summer!”

Take time to spend with your family. You may not realize it right now but you will miss your parents and siblings more than you think. Take a lazy Sunday and veg or create a fun memory doing things you love with them.

Share a journal with your friends. Yes I said it. No not a Snapchat or a text. Grab a notebook and each take turns writing in it. Write about what memories you have had together, what you will miss and what you promise to do to keep in touch.

Make your family dinner. Show them you appreciate them being there for you all these years and that you will miss having them around every day!

Apologize to someone you were mean to. You may not get that chance again.

Do something with all those cell phone photos! Weather it’s Parabo Press (use code EDPMI for $10 free) squares to have all over your dorm room or custom Chatbooks create something with those memories to look back on.

Make Summer plans to create memories that will last all through your college year. Think about it- hiking, bon fires, drive in movies, picnics, etc. Make a list of plans and keep them! Don’t have enough ideas? Stay tuned, I will have just what you need coming up on the blog!

BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! Yes, take a moment to stop and pat yourself on the back. Enjoy this moment and all you have accomplished to arrive right here. You did this, enjoy it!  😎

Tell me how I did. Did I miss something that MUST be done before leaving High School? Comment below and let me know!

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