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Meet Maria, Avon, Class of 2019

August 9, 2018

Have you met Maria, Avon, Class of 2019? ?

Honestly, there is never a question of IF you know Maria or not. You KNOW if you know her. She is that girl with a strong presence, huge smile on her face and an extremely bubbly personality! I always tell her that one of my most favorite memories of her is from Primary school. It was when she came to my house for a birthday party. We all knew as soon as she arrived and when she left. Maria brings with her an air of fun and she does it all with a little extra volume! ? Sometimes her Momma will ask her to reign it in a little. But I’ve always said that it’s that huge personality that makes Maria who she is. It’s also why we all are drawn to her!

When we were ready to go, she showed me that jumper! How can you not love it?

It was perfect for the start to our evening. First stop-Strong Museum of Play! They have these great, tall blocks of color. Maria wants to go to school for OT. So, what better way to integrate one of her passions than these structures?  We even found a great sitting area with a fountain and a walkway along a glass wall to capture more of an urban feel.  Some simple things that were a blast and provided her a ton of variety for her gallery later! Next stop was the main attraction! The George Eastman House, we were really looking forward to shoot here. As you can see Maria came equipped with a variety of outfits and accessories that held the perfect pops of color!

Once we were done at the museum we couldn’t help but stop on the way home to watch the sunset. What a gorgeous way to top off such a fabulous day!

You can find more of Maria on this website HERE, HERE and HERE!

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Maria, Avon, Class of 2019, Avon Senior pictures, Rochester photography

Maria, Avon, Class of 2019, Avon Senior pictures, Rochester photography

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