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Have you seen the new ROC airport?

January 24, 2019

Have you seen the new ROC airport? They are currently renovating and some of the major pieces are complete! As soon as I saw this multi colored dome over the pick up and drop off area I knew what I had to do. I was excited when Kayla was willing to help me bring this idea to life. I love working with dancers and Kayla is no exception! Kayla was actually one of my very first dancers I ever worked with and I have been in love with dance portraits ever since.

On the day we decided to go to the airport, it began to rain on our way. But no worries, because we took advantage of the dreary weather and the pockets of great light we found. Without that rain we wouldn’t have had this great shot in the glass area (top right corner) and we may not have thought to go into the garage either! As cold as it was I was surprised when Kayla wanted to try a few poses without her sweater or her pointe shoes, I am so glad she asked. Don’t you just LOVE that image of her in the garage barefoot?

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