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Project Beauty 2019

February 21, 2019

What is Project Beauty 2019?
In today’s world there is constantly someone telling you that you are not skinny enough, not smart enough, your hair not straight enough, long enough, or eyes too brown, not blue enough. As teens you are always told that you have things so much easier. Yet having it all there at your fingertips is so overwhelming. Perfection is expected. But it so hard to achieve with so many different ideas of what you should be, WHO YOU should be. Well if you have had enough of these far-fetched ideas, constant expectations- JOIN ME- lets capture who you really are- free from today’s stereo types. Who cares what others think- who are YOU? Who do YOU want to be? 

I am looking for girls and guys (yes you matter too!) between 13 and 18 that are looking to show the world they are beautiful being WHO they are. Plans for Project Beauty 2019 are in the works now! Contact me if you want to get on the list!

Participants will earn a feature on Instagram, a magazine submission and will be highlighted on a dedicated website page. Check out PB2018 (with individual posts of each gorgeous gal on the blog!) and PB2017.

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Don’t want to miss out on any of the future blog posts? Sign up NOW! 

Want to take part in Project Beauty 2019?  CONTACT ME! 

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