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Decorating your Graduation Cap

May 3, 2019

It’s almost that time! Have to decided- decorating your Graduation Cap or going classic? Once you have figured that one out, if you want to stand out- I can help! If you aren’t sure yet, keep reading, I can help you decide.

You want to be that cap, huh? Well I don’t blame you! In today’s world there are too many times where we are encouraged to just go with the flow. Now is your time to stand out- big time! Here’s how to begin!
1) First you need your plan. Don’t have one? No worries, I will link a few of my favorite sites and ideas below. You got this!
2) Of course you need that cap! Make sure you pick it up as soon as you can.
3) Get your supplies.

  • Graduation cap
  • Glue gun and enough glue sticks for your project
  • Scrapbook paper, photos, scrapbook letters/stickers/items
  • Flowers, pearls, any other items to glue onto your cap
  • Paint, glitter, etc
  • You get the idea  😉 Here is a link for some simple DIY kits to keep it super simple 
  • Are you just not the decorating type? No problem! Order one here!

4) Will you be using paper/scrapbook paper to decorate on? For this you may want to make sure to have additional pieces just in case. Will you decorate on your cap? Skip to #7
5) Cut your paper to fit your cap and make sure to cut a hole for your  graduation cap’s tassle too. This will be much harder to do later!
6) Glue the paper onto you cap with the glue gun.
7) BEFORE you decorate- figure out which side is the front and which is the back of the cap. This will not make you happy later if you make the mistake of having your design upside down!
You can figure out the front and back by putting the cap on and seeing where the part that scrunches up to fit on your head, where it “gathers” – this part is the back.






8) Now work your magic and make your mark on your day!  😛

Not sure which idea to use when decorating your graduation cap? No worries! I have a few links with some great ideas! Try these.

Popsugar’s 61 Creative ways
Seventeen Magazine’s 25 Graduation Cap Ideas for Every Kind of Girl
Pinterest’s Disney Graduation Caps
(My personal favorite)
Decorating your graduation cap, senior pictures
Whatever you choose to do- have fun! I know it seems silly, decorating your graduation cap doesn’t sound so important, does it. But think about it. This is one of your last moments of High School that you will be getting to celebrate with those around you. Soon you will be DONE! Enjoy every second and take advantage of all the ways you can make it truly your own!

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