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Open when letters….

May 13, 2019

Open when letters, have you heard of it? It really isn’t a new concept, but something that not everyone is familiar with. This post is perfect for Moms, Daughters, or Best Friends who are used to being close to one another and aren’t sure HOW in the world they will deal with being apart.

This is for you if- you don’t go a single day without seeing each other. You text or snapchat each other from the next room to make sure the other doesn’t miss something. You can’t even make a run to the grocery story or gas station without contacting them JUST BECAUSE.  😀

Open when letters are the perfect way for you to be there without being able to be physically there. They let you chose your words for a given moment when your person will need them. Here are some examples…

Open when:
-you need to know how much I love you
-you feel home sick
-you’re stressed or have a ton of homework
-you need a reminder how proud I am of you
-you’re bored
-you’ve had a bad day
-you failed a test
-Special days that they can’t be home. Like Birthdays or Holidays
-you need motivation
-you really want a coffee/pizza/ice cream but spent all your money (insert a surprise gift card)
-when a teacher makes you mad
-when your roommate drives you crazy
-you can’t sleep
-you need a good laugh
-campus just isn’t home
-you want to hear an old story

I think you get it! The idea is to write letters that would make your persons day better when they open the envelope. You could simply add in a funny photo or a gift card. Or you could even pack up small kits with bath bombs or chocolate! Your letters can be as simple as a goofy drawing or a joke. But it could also be a meaningful note about how much you believe in them and wish you were there to assure them that this time will pass. Of course, you can always do these things with a call or a text message. But imagine having all these letters prepared ahead of time and given to them when they leave for college! Just knowing that you thought about taking care of them before they even needed it will mean everything. 🙂

Make sure to set some ground rules!
-No peeking!
-Only open when the topic applies!
-They need to contact you when one has been opened!
-Try their best to make them last through the semester/year!
-Keep them!

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