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May 28, 2019

Let’s talk about one of the biggest things that I get asked about for Senior pictures, location! Being prepared for your Senior pictures can seem stressful! But it doesn’t have to be.


Something you probably have heard me say often, if you know me or if you have followed me on social media for awhile, is that your Senior pictures should be more than just a few photos taken by a photographer at school. Your Senior pictures should be an experience, one that captures a story about who you are. You know, the sports you love, the path you want to take and moments of genuine laughter. Not some fake smile that you give them so you can get back to study hall or leave for the day.


With that said, the location(s) that you choose can play a part in interpreting the mood of your session. It can also give you limited or limitless options for photos.


To begin with, we are going to create a list. Basically, do a ‘brain dump” of all the places you enjoy. Start with something basic like your home to a local park, to a cottage your family vacations at to the local sports field. Then elaborate to places that aren’t in your town, maybe it’s a local city or a coffee shop in a town nearby. Any place that makes you happy and gives you the “feel” you want for your Senior pictures, write it down.


Now consider the appearance of a location. You may find that you have places that you want to add to the list. Or you may have some that you want to remove. Do you want your photos to be somewhere more urban with graffiti or brick walls and street lamps? Maybe you love sunflower fields or an arboretum. Would you prefer a more country type feel like a farm or an apple orchard? Possibly near the water, maybe a lake with a beach, a waterfall or somewhere with docks and a boat?


You’re going to want to take into consideration things like permits and permission requests. Some parks, museums or private lands will require you to contact people to ensure you can use the location.


Another consideration is your session time. Days of the week and time of day can factor into whether a location could be busy or not even open. Of course, not everyone is bothered by crowds. But if you are that type of person, find a time of day that is quieter.

Now look at your list. Do you think you have enough options?  😉 If not, I know enough about the area I could easily give you a few options! This discussion is always a fun part of the pre-session consult! I do these with all my Senior clients before their Senior pictures. It helps to eliminate any nervousness and questions, we cover this and a TON of more info!

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How to choose the location for Senior pictures!

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