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August 12, 2019

The Taylor Fam- Who is too serious? Not these guys! I had to laugh when I went to Mattison’s consult and her Dad was the one out of control. Ok, maybe not out of control, but he was instigating her boyfriend to start trouble! haha. I figured at that point, there was no way that the Taylor’s would want to take advantage of the Family Portrait offer I have for my Class of 2020’s. I mean as a mom, the chaos of daily life is enough, right? Why ask for more craziness and sign yourself up for making your newly graduated son and husband pranksters to take family photos with your about to be Senior daughter? Well, this mom did! She rounded them up like a champ and even had them happy enough for me to capture this beauty! Everyone even behaved! Lol

Now if you read above and thought “what is this Family Portrait offer she is talking about?” here is the deal. This year for my Class of 2020 Seniors I am offering them the opportunity to have their family photos done and part of their session. I wanted to do this because a Seniors last year of high school could possibly be the last year they live at home- what better time to capture your family before everyone is all grown and starting their own families? 

I’d love to hear which shot is your favorite, comment below!

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