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Where are my coffee lovers at?

August 11, 2019


Where are my coffee lovers at? I see you all over there raising your hands! Well do I have a Class of 2020 Senior for you…this girl is a HUGE coffee fan and loves her some Dunkin’.

When Mattison told me that she was game for anything in her session, she just wanted to have fun, I had an idea. Then she threw me another unexpected offer. She is obsessed with Dunkin’ coffee. Obsessed you guys. Now I have waited for the perfect Senior to want to just jump in the car and see what comes along. Mattison was that girl. I am not kidding you when I say we did NOT plan a thing other than we were going to get coffee.

We ended up hitting waterfalls, a field, a parking lot, a farmers market, and even a few urban locations with some graffiti. It was a session that you wouldn’t ever be able to say there was a lack of variety….seriously! Spontaneous proved to be perfect for this girl- I mean look how fantastic she looks! This is so Mattison!

I’d love to hear which shot is your favorite and show Mattison some love, comment below!

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  • Senior photos, avon class of 2020, rochester photographer

Senior photos, avon class of 2020, rochester photographer

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  1. Wendy says:

    Great pics Carrie! One of my favorite Dunkin ones!

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