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October 17, 2019

Let me introduce you to my friend Adelle, Senior, Hockey Warrior and food fanatic! This girlie here you would think being a Senior in High School, when taken to the Erie County Fair, would be all about the rides, right? Nope! It was an evening all about the food! 😀 Of course the carnival lights and music were fascinating, but “chicken on a stick” held her heart. We that and of course the ice cream! She did give the cow responsible for it a kiss! haha

I will admit that I was pretty excited when Adelle said her idea of a dream Senior Session was colors and a churro. I knew that we had to get this girl to a carnival or a fair! Having it on my bucket list was just a bonus. Of course, we never did find a churro, but we had an amazing time!

Another noteworthy moment was when we came across  Army recruiters. Yep that happened- at the fair! Adelle showed off her strength and pulled out a crap ton (yes that is a number 😉 ) of push ups and won a prize. Not exactly what you expect to happen during your Senior Session experience.

Of course you are missing here that aside from food, Adelle’s big love is Hockey. She not only loves it, but excels at it, making it to Nationals -which is no small accomplishment. If you stick around this blog you will see another post showing her family all showing off her different jerseys. You will also see Adelle showing off some of her accomplishments!

Ladies & Gentlemen- Adelle, Senior, Hockey Warrior and food fanatic!
I’d love to hear which shot is your favorite, show Adelle some love, comment below!

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Adelle, Senior, Hockey Warrior and food fanatic


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