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October 30, 2019

Meet Bella, Geneseo Class of 2020! When I met with Bella and her family to discuss her session she knew just what she wanted. The best part was that she was introducing me to a location I hadn’t even heard of! Once I did some digging I was in love, I knew it was the perfect place for her and I understood why she choose it.

Knowing Bella and her mom when I saw the outfit choices they planned for the day, I wasn’t surprised at all. They had perfectly captured all different sides of Bella, colors that would help me make her shine and pop in the location.

What we did not expect was random rain when the forecast called for clear skies. Oh and the Army showing up! Yes, the Army. Literally dozens of local servicemen were running in the park that day. But it did make for some hilarious moments that I know neither Bella or I will forget anytime soon. Like that moment when the sole serviceman decided to leave his group and lean against a tree with his fake service weapon. Yes we did copy his lean and use a saxophone to mirror him! Haha. We were all laughing-both of us and all his friends, but I am pretty sure he is still confused as to why we were laughing. 

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Bella, Geneseo Class of 2020!

Bella, Geneseo Class of 2020


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