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October 23, 2019

Meet Emily, Holland High’s Senior Class of 2020! I was so happy to hear that Emily wanted to come out to Avon for her Senior photos. Emily goes to Holland High School which is in the Buffalo, NY area. But there were a few places in our little neck of the woods that Emily really enjoyed and wanted to have part of her Senior experience. I guess for many of us locals, while we love the area, we never really see how unique it is to other small towns.

In case you can’t tell, Emily is someone who is always laughing and smiling. She is that girl who is full of giggles and when you are around her, you can’t help but follow suite- or wonder what you did! 😉 It really didn’t matter whether we were at the waterfalls, in a field or surrounded by giant sunflowers. Emily not only was a natural in front of the camera but could find something to laugh about and never hesitated to try anything I asked. We had a fantastic time, I hope that Avon proved to be just what she was looking for!

I’d love to hear which shot is your favorite, show Emily some love, comment below!

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Emily, Holland High’s Senior Class of 2020!

Emily, Holland High's Senior Class of 2020


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