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October 20, 2019

As promised in my last post, I give you The Young Family aka Adelle’s biggest fans! If you don’t look at this post and think it is the cutest family photos, well then I am sorry to tell you-you don’t have a heart! 😮

I love that Adelle’s parents wanted to showcase Adelle’s accomplishments and all the places she has played since she fell in love with the game of hockey. But they took it a step further. They decided to throw in their love for the game, Adelle and watching her accomplish so many amazing things. They showed up with her home and away jerseys, along with an exhibition jersey from the team she now calls home- the Buffalo Regals. Each of them wearing one they were ready to show their love for their favorite hockey player, their favorite team and their favorite girl!

I’d love to hear which shot is your favorite, show The Young Fam some love, comment below!

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The Young Family aka Adelle’s biggest fans!!

The Young Family aka Adelle's biggest fans



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