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November 6, 2019

Meet Erin-Leigh, Geneseo Class of 2020! If you can’t tell, Erin loves music. I loved that she requested the House of Guitars for her Senior Session! Yet another bucket list location checked off by this years Seniors. 😎 Erin not only is a music lover, obsessed with holding all sorts of music medium in her hands but she plays for three bands, THREE you guys! Girl is talented and busy! One thing that I wasn’t aware of though is that if you take Erin into the woods and surround her by greenery she looks like a modern day Snow White! Who would have known? Take note of that bottom left image- seriously my favorite from her session!

I’d love to hear which shot is your favorite, show Erin some love, comment below!

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Erin-Leigh, Geneseo Class of 2020!

Erin-Leigh, Geneseo Class of 2020


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