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November 10, 2019

Meet Miss Sarah, Avon Class of 2020!

Sarah while a reserved young woman is someone who knows exactly what she wants for her future. She came to me knowing what she wanted out of her session but open to ideas of how to capture her passion. What I loved most about talking to Sarah was watching her entire face light up when she talked about how much she wanted to become an EMT and maybe a paramedic one day. Her heart is all about helping others. With all the negative that you read today about young people, I see so many in front of my camera that are the exact opposite. I see amaze Seniors, hoping to make a change and do good. Sarah is one of those who is more than happy to make her desire to help known!

Another passion of Sarah’s is history. One thing that she wanted to capture in her session was local history. I love seeing young people in our area who not only love the place they were raised, but are enamored in the stories of how their home came to be. This is why when we chose her locations we looked at places all over our area that held historical meaning. Where is your favorite historical spot?

I’d love to hear which shot is your favorite, show Sarah some love, comment below!

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Sarah, Avon Class of 2020!

Sarah, Avon Class of 2020


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