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Introducing- PRINCESS Dress Sessions!

July 27, 2020

Introducing- PRINCESS Dress Sessions! Yep, I said it. And I mean how could I resist being a part of something like this? First of all, look at these dresses! Second, think of all the fun. Third, I am too old to play dress up, so why not capture that magic as it happens and OMG LOOK AT THE DRESSES! 

Introducing- PRINCESS Dress Sessions!

What is this all about? 

Well first of all- Fun! After noticing a trend in how girls see themselves, I had a thought. Ok, many of them, but this was one. What if we started showing younger girls more about how it is to love themselves, everything about themselves. Show them how unique they are and how their true, authentic selves are what is so special about them. Why not spend a little time giving them a spotlight and making them feel like the queen of it all? 

So, what is a Princess Session?

The idea here is to get dressed up and have fun! Sessions can be for one girl, sisters, best friends, etc. I currently have in my style closet 9 different dresses for the use of my clients. Yes that says NINE! Haha. I also have access to others depending on the dates and occasion you may have in mind for your session. I make no promises that my closet won’t grow! (wink, wink)

We do these on location, so the possibilities are endless. If you can believe it, these were taken in my own back yard, you can do these anywhere and make them magical! Plus sometimes, we add a little magic of our-as you can see above!

Don’t want to miss out on any of the future blog posts? Sign up NOW! 

Have questions or want to schedule a session? Chat with me here!

Introducing-PRINCESS Sessions!

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