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Do you remember being a kid, obsessed with their looks?

July 24, 2020

Do you remember being a kid, obsessed with their looks? Anyone? Ok maybe one or two? I remember wanting and loving to dress up or have my cousins do my hair and sometimes even make up on special occasions. It wasn’t until those teen years that the concern came over what I saw in the mirror. Well friends, this is not the world our children are growing up in. being a kid

Today kids are barely through Kindergarten (sometimes younger) and worrying about how they look. Whether it’s their weight, the color of their skin or what they see in the mirror. Kids of all ages, especially girls are over analyzing what they think they should look like. 

What I have seen.

If you have followed my work long enough, you will know that I have worked with many young girls. Considering I have had Senior Sessions, Dance Sessions, Teen Team Sessions or even Project Beauty, all that include teens and tweens. I can not tell you how many times I have had young girls in front of my camera who weren’t comfortable with their looks. But I can tell you that not one of those girls, left feeling the same.

It was very apparent that the expectations there are in society today to always be “perfect,” have had their impact. Hair, make up, clothes, trends, skin condition, skin color, brand names, etc. But peeling all that away and focusing on what people truly see when they look at you, showing them that individual, unique beauty, that I have found makes the most impact in those having to live with these expectations daily.

So how do we help our kids going forward?

Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t have all the answers. But I do know what I can do-keep showing them, through my lens, what the world really sees in them. Each person has their own beautiful appearance, unique traits and special things that make them not only who they are, but separate from everyone else. I love to capture this in all my clients and to show them what I believe everyone else sees in them. 

This year we have been dealt some undesirable circumstances, so Project Beauty had to be postponed. I was really disappointed. While I know all we are doing is for the better of the masses. I LOVE that project. The difference I have seen in some girls and conversations that have been a result of it. I can’t even begin to tell you. 

What is my point here?

Well, first when I see this sort of thing, it makes me want to help. It sticks in my head and causes ideas to turn. I have implemented some new things into my business that I think can help make a difference for girls. Plus it will be a TON of fun! Because I truly believe that everyone should feel as beautiful as we all know they are. Lets be honest, being a kid isn’t as simple as it used to be! 

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