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Senior Year Calendar- How to Prepare & Plan for Life Beyond High School While doing some research regarding Senior Year and how best to be prepared to graduate, I came across something interesting. Something I felt that not only would be helpful as a parent of a Class of 2019 Senior, but for students as…

August 29, 2021

Senior Year Calendar-How to Prepare & Plan for…

Senior Year Calendar

Prepare now for when your kid leaves home-an idea for Moms Yep, I said it. 😥 Your kid will be leaving home soon! Whether it is going off to college, the military or the workforce, pretty soon your baby will be grown. All that hard work of making a human pays off and they go…

April 26, 2021

Prepare now for when your kid leaves home-an idea for Moms

Prepare now for when your kid leaves home

Thank you letters-should you write them? While it may seem like something that people no longer need to do in today’s world, you would be wrong! It really isn’t a lost art, those that truly appreciate the actions of another are doing it- and you should too! Getting in the habit of writing thank you…

April 19, 2021

Thank you letters-should you write them?

Thank you letters, rochester senior photo

Open when letters, have you heard of it? It really isn’t a new concept, but something that not everyone is familiar with. This post is perfect for Moms, Daughters, or Best Friends who are used to being close to one another and aren’t sure HOW in the world they will deal with being apart. This is…

April 12, 2021

Open when letters….

Open when letters, avon senior pictures,

Before leaving High School there are a few things you must do. I bet they’re not what you think! Attend a school event you normally wouldn’t to support your friends! You may find that you thoroughly enjoy the event but your friend will love you that much more for being there.  Tell all the teachers…

April 1, 2021

Before leaving High School…

Before leave High School, Senior portraits

Irving Avon Class of 2021! Irving, Avon. Class of 2021 is up next on the blog! This guy may be a man of few words, but he knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to ask for it. Our Plans When we first were discussing what Irving wanted out of a session, his biggest…

February 1, 2021

Irving Avon Class of 2021

Irving Avon Class of 2021

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